Celebrate the Snowman February 6th

Celebrate the Snowman-a winter commemoration of 1690 Massacre

February 6th from 4pm to 6pm, Riverside Park

stockade snowman

Start building your Snowperson (with or without snow) now!

Gather to celebrate the snowmen on Saturday, February 6th  from 4pm to 6pm in Riverside Park. Take time to stroll the Stockade to see all the Snowmen and Sentinels standing guard. Local lore had two snowmen sentinels guarding the Stockade one difficult February night in 1690 which we will commemorate in this fun way 326 years later. Also, those two snowmen were the first snowman referenced in published materials in North America. Our 2016 snowmen will honor the spirit of those who returned soon after the massacre to rebuild.

Enjoy the Park!

  • Come and play in Riverside Park on Saturday February 6th.
  • Gather with neighbors and friends 4-6 pm in Riverside Park or host a house party.
  • Help select the Best Stockade Snowman sentinel during the week of February 1.

Mike’s Hot Dogs Food truck which will be at the entrance to Riverside Park, and have among other items hotdogs and hot chocolate! For those young at heart the fun starts at Lawrence at 4pm. We’ll say a few words about Stockade history and then march (or conga line?) to join the festivities in the park.

We ask that everyone begin building a snowmen creation. We’re planning to conduct a Snowperson census and will report back to you on how many are guarding us in 2016. There are lots of websites with suggestions on building a huge variety of snowman, including ones that can be made without snow.

For inspiration check out these links to Stockade Snowmen of the past:

The 2016 snowmen will have a better outcome than the two who guarded Schenectady’s Stockade in 1690.  Snowmen will be guarding our houses, our gates, our park and creating a sense of community. There’s lots of ways to bring our snow community together including:

  • Build a traditional snowman or fort
  • Dress like a snowman
  • Get crafty with no snow designs
  • Invite a sculptor to create a snow masterpiece
  • Turn snowbanks into snow art
  • Light it up
  • Warm it up. Festive attire to keep you warm and any other efforts to warm up the night appreciated. Sorry no bonfire this year.

Glow sticks and light up balloons are now available. Other donations and volunteers for this event though are still needed! If you have donations for decorating snowmen, or would like to volunteer to help please, contact Susan Brink (s.brink@mac.com), Susan DuFour (susan.dufour@gmail.com ) or Carol DeLaMarter (cdelam6533@aol.com).

The ‘Celebrate the Snowman’ winter event grew out of a conversation between neighbors reminiscing about fireworks and summer gatherings in Riverside Park. By the time this article in published let’s hope we have snow, have built your enthusiasm for the invasion of snowmen sentinels, and have inspired your creativity.

snowman 2

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