Streetscape Project Workshop Saturday April 30th 10 am

A year ago members responded to an idea that our sidewalks needed work and funding options might be available to start improving condition of some of our most needy blocks.

            Join us:

Saturday April 30th, 10 am to 12:00 noon

               First Reformed Church

               8 North Church Street (Stockade)

               Schenectady, NY 12305

Well, spring is here, but much has happened through the winter regarding the Stockade’s proposed Streetscape Improvement program. There have been meetings with City staff and officials to generate support for the Streetscape planning effort; we have arranged for limited pro-bono consultant assistance to help us with CADD mapping and data analysis; and volunteers from our first workshop have submitted many streetscape property surveys identifying the current condition of sidewalks and trees in the neighborhood (North Street; Union Street, College to Ferry; College Street; and Washington Street).

The purpose of this workshop will be to report to the members of the Stockade Association and residents of the neighborhood on the results of our efforts to date, including:

  1. City codes and requirements for streetscape maintenance;
  2. Potential streetscape improvement funding options; and
  3. Details and analysis of the current survey results;

We would also like to recruit additional volunteers to complete the remaining property/street surveys by mid-May. We will provide instructions and tips for completing the surveys as efficiently as possible. (The typical time to complete an individual property’s streetscape condition survey has been averaging 30-45 seconds per survey.)

Here is the survey form for online use Streetscape Survey Form

Bring your questions, concerns, ideas and comments to the Stockade Streetscape Planning Workshop on April 30.

Thank you for your participation and service to your neighborhood,

Carol DeLaMarter, President          Richard W. Unger, FAICP, Chair,

The Stockade Association            Stockade Infrastructure                                                                                   Maintenance Committee

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