Stockade Association Annual General Meeting and Election Thursday, May 18, 7pm St. Geroge’s Great Hall

Note location: St. George’s Great Hall, North Ferry St.

Invited: Chief of Police; Head of the Drug Task force; our local patrol officers; Fred Lee (Sch’dy Neighborhood Watch)

Proposed slate for 2017-2018 Election: • President – Carol DeLaMarter • Treasurer – Bob Lemmerman • Directors: Sean Philpott-Jones, Keith Dayer, Dianne Crozier, Susan DuFour

The Stockade Association Board is pleased to nominate Susan DuFour for a 1 year term as Director. Susan is deeply invested in the neighborhood as a homeowner and organizer of events which celebrate our historic heritage. She is a mother and grandmother, and is employed as an auditor at NYSED where she has been most interested in enhancing charter school fiscal oversight and developing databases.

Any Stockade Association member who would like to nominate him(her)self or the name of another SA member for one of these positions should email Dianne Crozier ( with his/her intent and include a brief bio, or be prepared to submit a nomination from the floor at the meeting on May 18.

The Stockade Association Board would like to thank Tamie Fowler for her year of service as a Director.

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