Register for Flood Advisory Notices

January 19, 2018

The Mayor and Public Safety Commissioner spoke  about the size of ice jam on our stretch of the Mohawk.  It extends for 12 miles.  City staff will be monitoring and coordinating with adjacent municipalities and will use all means to notify residents as conditions change.

 Please note important message.  If you live or park  in flood prone area of Stockade please have a plan.  Move your cars to higher ground before conditions change.  If City has a need to bring equipment down narrow  streets you will be asked to move your car.  If situation requires cars will be towed.

Schenectady County Emergency Management  will send out emergency notices through reverse 911 calls to your phone if it is listed. Most landline phones that are listed will be called but if you have an unlisted number or use your cell phone as your primary phone you may not receive the notice.  To be safe, register with the rapid notify system here

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