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Historic Stockade Google Group

MISSION: The Historic Stockade Google Group is a community-run email group with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information useful to Stockade residents. All members are encouraged to post any information that they deem important to the Stockade.

The HSGG is NOT an official communication tool of the Stockade Association or of the Stockade Association’s Board. It is unaffiliated with any organizations and is completely volunteer-run. Unless explicitly stated, all communications should be considered as coming from the individual and not any group that she/he may belong to.

POSTING: To send a message to the group, compose a normal email and send it to:

Be aware that this is NOT a private forum. Since anyone can join, anyone can read what you write. Be mindful of what you are sending and know that it will probably be accessible online for years to come. Please reply only to the sender when appropriate. Post to the HSGG only if it is of interest to all. Topics appropriate to the HSGG include, but are not limited to: meeting notices, local entertainment, events, crime, requests for volunteers/help/information, city information, items for sale (non-commercial), Stockade Association information, and lost items/pets. Netiquette rules should be followed. Topics NOT appropriate to the HSGG include, but are not limited to: commercial businesses, personal attacks, topics of no relevance to the Stockade.

Sometimes there is a delay of many minutes or even hours for a post to be delivered. This is out of the administrator’s control. Please be patient and do not resend messages multiple times. Posting to the HSGG is not moderated except in the case of new members and warned members (see above and below, respectively).

MEMBERSHIP: The HSGG is voluntary. Anyone can join – residents, former residents, some guy in Burma, politicians and the press. 

NEW MEMBERS: To keep spam email from being sent via the HSGG, new members’ posts are moderated and must be approved by an administrator. Once it is clear that the sender is a real person who has interest in the Stockade, the administrator will approve that person to post with no restrictions.


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Suns along the Mohawk

The Mohawk River is the northern boundary of the Stockade Historic District, in Schenectady, NY. In photos taken from his backyard and on short strolls around the neighborhood, David Giacalone presents views of and from the Mohawk, Riverside Park, and the Stockade — with lots of sunsets and whatever else captures his imagination.