Welcome to the Stockade

The Historic Stockade is an eclectic downtown neighborhood, a village inside of one of America’s oldest cities. Bankers, house painters, executives, clerks, school teachers, artists and scientists rub shoulders and work together to create one of the most unique and interesting places to live in the United States. Living in the oldest residential neighborhood in the US, with more than 40 pre-Revolutionary War houses, elegant and ancient churches and what has been called the most beautiful riverside park in America, give residents a common purpose to preserve one of America’s treasures.

How many neighborhoods have a village square, where a French and Indian War Fort stood… or a residence that has been continually lived in since 1695…or were the scene of a great massacre…where archeologist continually work. Where you can live along side of one of the great rivers and walk in 5 minutes to America’s premier historic theater on the city’s main street.

How many neighborhoods have walking Historic House tours, Villagers Art Shows, Stockade-athon races, River Fests and replicas of the first ship built in America ( ~1610). Surrounded by remnants of the Old Erie Canal and what was once the longest suspension bridge in the US.

Come visit us!