Association Meeting Information (Minutes)

Minutes 6/14 to present (for older minutes and to check for current minutes you may also visit the Spy page or Spy archive). For more information please contact us at

SA Board minutes summer 2014         SA Board minutes 6-1-16     SA Board Minutes 5-2-18

SA general meeting minutes 9-10-14  SA Board minutes 6-28-16

SABoardminutes10-7-14                       SA Board minutes 8-3-16

SAgeneralmeetingminutes10-16-14    SA Board minutes 9-7-16

SA Board Minutes 11-3-14                     SA GenMtg 9-22-16 minutes

SA General Meeting Minutes11-13-14 SA Board Minuates 10-5-16

(ByLaw changes)bylawchanges            SA Board 11-02-16 Minutes

SA board minutes 12-2-14                     SA 11-17-16 Gen Meeting Minutes

SA Board Minutes 1-6-15                       SA 12-07-16 Board Minutes

SA General meeting minutes 1-15-15   SA General Meeting Minutes 1-19-17

SAGeneralMeetingMinutes3-19-15       SA General Meembership Minutes 3-16-17

SA Board minutes 4-7-15                        SA 3-1-17 Board Minutes

SASpecialMeeting4-23-15                       SA 4-5-17 board minutes

SA Board minutes 5-5-15                         SA 5-3-17 board Minutes

SA General Meeting Minutes 5-28-15   SA General Meeting Minutes 5-19-17

SA Board Minutes 6-02-15                      SA Board Mintues 6-27-17

SA Board Minutes 7-7-15

SA Board Minutes 8-11-15                        SA Board Minutes 8-2-17

SA Board Minutes 9-1-15                         SA BoardMinutes 9-17

SA General Meeting minutes 9-15         SA General Meeting Minutes 9-21-17

SA Board Minutes 10-14-15                     SA Board Minutes 10-17

SA Board Minutes 11-14-15                      SA Board Minutes 11-1-17

SA General Meeting Minutes 11-15

SA Board Minutes 12-9-15                       SA Board Minutes 12-6-17

SA Board Minutes 1-13-16

SA General Meeting Minutes 1-16          SA Board Minutes 2-7-18

SA Board Minutes 3-02-16

SA Board Minutes 4-13-16                       SA Board Minutes 4-4-18

SA General Meeting Minutes 5-16