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The Stockade Association was formed by a group of concerned residents in 1958. They recognized that due to an accident of history, the Stockade area of Schenectady possessed the largest collection of authentic colonial houses of any neighborhood in the United States. In addition there are many fine Victorian, Federal and Georgian style houses…in fact there is a continuum of architectural styles represented in the neighborhood. At that time many of the houses had fallen into disrepair. These neighbors founded the Stockade Association which has the purpose to preserve, protect and improve the Stockade Area while maintaining its residential nature. A more complete description of the purposes of the Association is found in the Bylaws.

Through the efforts of these residents, the Stockade was designated as the first Historic District in New York State

The Association was incorporated in 1973 as a not-for profit corporation in the State of New York. Shortly thereafter, the Association received 501c(3) status from the Federal Government.

In the mid 1980’s, the Stockade Association recognized, that as a neighborhood association with a board elected every two years from among the residents, it did not consistently have available the expertise to run a revolving fund that may be needed to save the most threatened properties. The Association created and provided initial seed funds to the Schenectady Heritage Foundation, which is modeled after the Historic Charleston Foundation. The Association and the Heritage Foundation continue to work closely on preservation issues.

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