Historic Stockade Audiotour Commemorates 1690 Massacre


To help guide your walk around the original Schenectady settlement, the Historic Stockade Audiotour has added some stops to help locate important markers and background to support Illuminating Knowledge.  Use your cellphone as you walk around or brush up before you set out with neighbors.

Dial 518-387-3282 to start the tour.  Massacre background starts with Stop #60.  Enter the Stop number when prompted to hear audio content.

Stop#                         Location/Intersection

60                    1690 Massacre Narrative

61                    Old Fort Park, intersection N.Ferry, Green, Front Sts

62                    North Gate, corner N. Church and Front St

63                    Washington and Cucumber Alley

64                    Union and Church St.

65                    South Gate/S. Ferry and State

66                    Statue of Lawrence/ intersection N.Ferry, Green, Front Sts