Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does someone become a member of the Stockade Association?

A. Everyone who owns property in the Stockade is a De facto member and may come to Association meetings and participate in the discussion. In order to vote, the member must be in good standing which implies that they are current in their dues. Business entities are permitted only one vote independent of the number of business owners.

Q. Are donations to the Stockade Association tax exempt.

A. Yes, donations are tax exempt as a result of our 501c(3) status. We are also registered with the New York State Charities Bureau.

Q. How can I become more active in the Stockade Association?

A. The Association needs more help in order to achieve its goals. All of the work is done by volunteers. Most of our work is done through our committees which are overseen by the board of Directors. Contact any board member and they will line you up with the appropriate committee.

Q. How does the Association fund its activities?

The Association funds its day to day activities through the annual membership dues and income from the Fall House tour known as the Stockade Walkabout. Any excess monies or monies raised by other events are generally used for capital improvements. ( Stockade Gateway, Landscaping, Riverside Park improvements, Street Sign Upgrades, etc.) The Association also provides owners incentives for painting and sidewalk repair.