Stockade Association Home Improvement Grants and Incentives

“Stockaders” love old houses and we have more of them than any other place in America…they demand love an attention but give back a thousand fold in charm and ambience. But that love and attention costs money. Obviously the care and maintenance of a home is the responsibility of the owner. The neighborhood is very eclectic with bankers executives and architects living alongside of house painters, carpenters and clerks. That is a significant part of the charm of the area as this diverse group of people work together on committees and events.

To help, particularly those who do the work themselves, the Association offers matching grants for external painting and sidewalk repair.  These matching grants are currently  up to $500 for painting and $500 for sidewalks. Funds are limited and require an approved application to the Historic Commission. Here is the SA Application-Painting-Sidewalks please read the 2nd page for detailed instructions and rules. *The deadline to apply is April 20th.*

There is also an incentive for the installation of security lighting, motion sensor and timer lights, on the front of your house, The incentive is $50 per Member applicant. To apply for the incentive please contact Bev Elander at 346-8889 or .

As an additional incentive to improve our streetscape, the Association, through its Garden Group, sponsors a number of annual “Stoep” awards in order to encourage the use of plants and flowers. In addition we work with ReTree Schenectady to help owners obtain appropriate replacement urban trees. In recent years more than a hundred trees have been planted.