Stockade Association Home Improvement Grants and Incentives

The Stockade Association offers financial incentives for property improvements in the Stockade Historic District in the following areas:  Facade painting and the repair of existing sidewalks, historic iron railings and historic glass.  These incentives are available to property owners who are members of the Stockade Association. The incentive is in the form of a matching grant with a limit of $500 for each of the above categories. Applications must be submitted by June 1 of the year the work is to be done, and the work must be completed by September 30 of that same year. The homeowner applying for an incentive will need to obtain any permits required by The Historic District Commission and any other City permit applicable to the job.

All applications are reviewed by a designated Stockade Association representative who will communicate with the applicant. When the project is completed, the Incentive Committee will pass on all information and documentation to the Stockade Association board who will make the final determination of the incentive grant approval.

The Association will consider only one application, per valid Association membership (individual, family, owner) per year.  The application that needs to be completed in order to apply for one of the above listed incentives can be obtained at the following link: SA Application-Stockade Incentive Program-04  Please read the 2nd page for detailed instructions and rules.

There is also an incentive for the installation of security lighting, motion sensor and timer lights, on the front of your house, The incentive is $50 per Member applicant. To apply for the incentive please contact Bev Elander at 346-8889 or .