The Stockade Association accomplishes it work through the efforts of standing and Ad hoc committees. Like all volunteer organizations our ambition and goals outstrip our capability because of a lack of volunteers and/or the lack of volunteers with special skill. If you have the time please take part. It is a great way to meet people and to improve the Stockade and the quality of life here. As a side benefit, as we make the Stockade a better place to live, we make it more desirable and increase the resale value of our properties when that unfortunate day comes when we need to move.

The following table provides information to enable you decide to which activity you can best contribute. Please make time to help improve our Stockade.


Nominating An elected committee of 3 charged with ensuring that capable individuals are nominated to the Board and communicating information about the nominees to the General membership. Nominations from the floor are always welcome.
Preservation & Zoning
Preserve & promote unique architectural, cultural, historical character of Stockade. Assist in preserving threatened structures, recommend zoning changes, encourage owner maintenance and obtain code enforcement services from city as needed, coordinate with other preservation organizations.
Garden Maintain public gardens in Stockade, encourage stoop plantings, educate about urban gardens and trees, and ensure periodic secret garden tour to fund beautification efforts.
Safety Identify safety related issues, communicate issues to authorities, develop solutions, conduct neighborhood watch
Finance Establishes annual budget, oversees investments, performs internal audits
Infrastructure Assess, recommend and promote changes associated with streetscape improvement, utility placement, traffic, parking, signage, snow removal and street sweeping.
Stockade Spy Publishes the Spy, which is the Stockade neighborhood newspaper, ensure that the SPY reflects the views of the Association and addresses the issues of the time.
Secret Garden Tour Conduct biennial fund raising event to raise money for the beautification of public spaces in the Stockade, particularly the Lawrence Park and Riverside Park.
Walkabout Conduct annual fund raising event to raise money to fund Association activities and to showcase the Stockade as a highly desirable place to live.
Soiree Conduct periodic fund raising to fund major neighborhood capital projects. Current focus is on improvements to Riverside Park, most likely period lighting and en trance improvements